William STEWARD Family
Of North Stonington, Connecticut

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Other State/Counties related to this family:
[ Delaware County, Ohio ]


     1.     STEWARD1 William, born 1690; died 26 Dec 1754 at Stonington,
       New London, CT.
            STEWARD William married CHURCH Sarah S.3  (the daughter of
       CHURCH Samuel and SHATTUCK Rebecca )  5 May 1713 at Stonington, New
       London, CT; born 6 Oct 1689; died 2 Mar 1745.
            They had the following children:

        +    2     i STEWARD William Jr.
             3    ii STEWARD Nathan, born 8 Jan 1717.
        +    4   iii STEWARD Oliver. Sam Stewart
        +    5    iv STEWARD Phineas, born 16 May 1721 at Stonington,
                     New London, CT.
             6     v STEWARD Lemuel, born 3 May 1723; died Feb 1727.
        +    7    vi STEWARD Sarah.
        +    8   vii STEWARD Content.
        +    9  viii STEWARD Eliphalet. (Gwen Stuart) Anita Miller
        +   10    ix STEWARD Lemual.


     2.     STEWARD William Jr, born 26 Dec 1714.
            STEWARD William Jr married STEVENS Elizabeth. 
            Researcher: Douglas Jojo     

     4.     STEWARD Oliver, born 12 Feb 1719 at Stonington, New London,
       CT.  STEWARD Oliver married PENDLETON Rebecca  (the daughter of
       PENDLETON Edmund and      Mary)  30 Aug 1741 at Stonington, New
       London, CT; born 25 Oct 1719 at Westerly, Washington, RI.
            They had the following children:

            11     i STEWARD Daniel, born 23 Feb 1742 at Westerly,
                     Washington, RI.
        +   12    ii STEWARD Sarah.
            13   iii STEWARD Rebecca, born 31 Oct 1746.
            14    iv STEWARD Oliver Jr..
            15     v STEWARD Dorothy.
        +   16    vi STEWARD William.

     5.     STEWARD Phineas, born 16 May 1721 at Stonington, New London,
        CT.  Married Remember Babcock on Jan 11, 1745.  After her death
        he married Hannah Barnaby.
            Children by first wife:
              STEWARD Phineas b. Aug 17, 1745
	      STEWARD Sarah b 8/13/1750 m Rufus Perkins Gladys Chase  
	      STEWARD Wealthy b Dec 4, 1772
            Children by second wife:
              STEWARD Mercy b in 1762, m Naham Chapman
	      STEWARD Sarah b in 1767 m Amos Barber
	      STEWARD Gilbert b Dec 4, 1772
              STEWARD Esther 
     7.     STEWARD Sarah, born 10 Jan 1725.
        STEWARD Sarah married NEWBARY Nathan  11 Apr 1743.

     8.     STEWARD Content, born 24 Dec 1727; died 1806.
        STEWARD Content married PARKS Robert.

     9.     STEWARD Eliphalet, born 10 Nov 1729.
        STEWARD Eliphalet married ( CHURCH ? ) Elizabeth  1 Mar 1755.
            They had the following children:

        +   17     i STEWARD Lemuel.
        +   18    ii STEWARD Eliphalet.

    10.     STEWARD Lemual, born 31 Jan 1732.
        STEWARD Lemual married      Eunice.


    12.     STEWARD Sarah, born 7 Mar 1743 at Westerly, Washington, RI.
       STEWARD Sarah married STEWART Elias  (the son of STEWART
       Thomas and ROGERS Anne)  23 Oct 1769; born 24 Mar 1742 at
       Voluntown, CT.   Mary Shackelton 

    16.     STEWARD William, born 18 Feb 1752 at Westerly, Washington,
       RI; died 16 Sep 1844 at Morrow Co, OH; buried at Fargo M. E.
       Church, Morrow Co, OH.
       William STEWARD, served as a LT. from PA (or CT) in the
       Revolution; lived in CT and NY; removed to OH just before the War
       of 1812; and died 1837.  NE: DAR ID Number: 53658 William Steward
       Stewart) (1750-1843)served, 1781, as a private in Capt. Ichabod 
       Robinson's company, Vermont militia. He was a pensioner, 1840. He 
       was born in Bollintown, R. I.; died in Delaware County, Ohio. 
            STEWARD William married CRARY Desire  (the daughter of CRARY
       Ezra and RANDALL Dorothy)  17 Mar 1778 at Voluntown, New London,
       CT; born 29 Apr 1760 at Voluntown, New London, CT; died 18 Feb
       1811 at Peru, Tompkins, NY.
            They had the following children:

            19     i STEWARD Vinol, born 4 Mar 1779 at Clarendon,
                     Rutland Co, VT; died 1 Oct 1823 at OH.
			     Researcher: Roger Steward
            20    ii STEWARD Rebecca, born 6 Nov 1780 at Clarendon,
                     Rutland Co, VT; died 5 Jul 1806.
            21   iii STEWARD Desire, born 22 May 1782 at Clarendon,
                     Rutland Co, VT; died 24 Dec 1870.
            22    iv STEWARD Lydra, born 30 Nov 1783 at Wallingford,
                     Rutland Co, VT; died 29 Dec 1784.
            23     v STEWARD Anna, born 12 Mar 1786 at Clarendon,
                     Rutland Co, VT; died 18 Sep 1831.
            24    vi STEWARD William, born 20 Oct 1787 at Clarendon,
                     Rutland Co, VT; died 2 Sep 1796.
        +   25   vii STEWARD Ezra, born 30 Mar 1788 at Clarendon,
                     Rutland Co, VT; died 6 Dec 1854.			   
	+   26  viii STEWARD Soloman.
     			     Researchers: Michael Brown and Ken McCarty
            27    ix STEWARD Orin, born 24 Sep 1795 at Wallingford,
                     Rutland Co, VT; died 26 Aug 1796.
            28     x STEWARD Sally, born 20 Aug 1797 at Wallingford,
                     Rutland Co, VT; died 25 Nov 1865 at Morrow Co, OH.
        +   29    xi STEWARD Mary (Polly), born 28 Feb 1799 at
                     Wallingford, Rutland, VT; died 4 Mar 1890.
            30   xii STEWARD Herman, born 27 May 1802; died 11 Nov 1819.
            31  xiii STEWARD Syntha, born 2 Sep 1804; died 8 Oct 1806.
            32   xiv STEWARD Alanson, born 4 Feb 1806; died 5 Jul 1806.

    17.     STEWARD Lemuel, born 6 Apr 1759 at Stonington, CT; died 8
       Mar 1829 at Grafton, Rensselaer, NY.
       Lemuel was in a regiment stationed at Howland's Ferry, Tiverton RI,
       1778-79, one year, and was in Sullivans expedition.  He moved to
       the state of New York during the was and also served at times in
       that state.  CHURCH Family Page  Daniel Bornt
            STEWARD Lemuel married ROSE Rebecca  18 Aug 1782 at Preston,
       CT; born 26 Jan 1763; died 9 Jan 1842.
       Lemuel Stewart of Little Hoosac, New York, & Rebecca Rose, 
       Aug. 18, 1782

            They had the following children:

        +   33     i STEWARD Lemuel.
        +   34    ii STEWARD Josiah.
        +   35   iii STEWARD Rebecca.
        +   36    iv STEWARD Sarah.
        +   37     v STEWARD Deborah.
        +   38    vi STEWARD Eliphalet.

    18.     STEWARD Eliphalet, born 20 Feb 1763 at Stonington, CT.
       He served one month as a soldier at Fort Griswold near New London,
       CT, when only 13 years of age.  The family then moved to Hoosick,
       now called Petersborough, when he was called upon to do military
       duty in the year of Burgoyne's surrender, 1778, and went as a scout
       with a company of 20 or 30 men to Fort Edward, Sandy Hill, Fort Ann
       and other posts.  He enrolled in Capt. Austin Odell's company, in
       which his brother Lemuel was one of the sergeants.  He marched in
       1780 from Albany to the middle fort of Schoharie, and the next year
       he served nine months in the levies under Col. Willet, being
       mustered in May at Albany, in Capt. Elihu Marshall's company, and
       again he enlisted in April 1782, in the same company and was in teh
       Battle of Turlock, 10 July 1782.  His father was with him.  He was
       discharged 1 Jan 1783 at Fort Hunter.  The later enlistments were
       under the name Robert (for which Budd was a nickname), a name he
       had been given in childhood by his sister, although his father
       somtimes called him Robert and at other times Eliphalet.  He always
       lived in Petersburgh and married twice.  (Gwen Stuart)

     25.    STEWARD Ezra, born 30 Mar 1788; died 6 Dec 1854. Had the 
        following children:
		Harry Burton Steward
			Harold Ezra Steward
				Larry Steward
    26.     STEWARD Soloman, born 13 Mar 1792 at Wallingford, Rutland, VT; died
       14 Jun 1849 at Porter Twp, Delaware Co, OH; buried at Stark Cem, Porter Twp, Delaware 
       Co, OH.
       Information gain from the "Tombstone Inscriptions and Other Records
       of Delaware County, Ohio" including portions of Marrow (Morrow) and
       Marion Counties.  Compiled by Esther Weygandt Powell, 36 No
       Highland Avenue, Akron, Ohio, 44303, Year 1972.

       Also states the Solomon Steward was in the War of 1812 and his
       father was in the Rev. War, and also served in the NY State

       Solomon served in the corp. in Capt. Ezra Murray's Comp, OH Mil.

            STEWARD Soloman married WHITE Nancy  (the dau John WHITE
       and Charity FARIS/FERRIS)  4 May 1815 at Porter Twp, Delaware Co,
       OH; born 9 Sep 1796 at VA; died 26 Jun 1883 at Porter Twp,
       Delaware Co, OH; buried at Stark Cem, Porter Twp, Delaware Co,
            They had the following children:

        +   39     i STEWARD Polly (Mary). Ken McCarty
        +   40    ii STEWARD Charlotte.
        +   41   iii STEWARD Ezra C..
        +   42    iv STEWARD Ruth.
        +   43     v STEWARD Harvey.
        +   44    vi STEWARD Emily M. Michael Brown 
    29.     STEWARD Polly (Mary) married James WHITE who was born at Whythe (?) County, 
        Virginia on 1 Oct. 1792. They married at Delaware County, Ohio, on 3 May 1815. They 
        relocated in Dallas County, Iowa near Adel and are buried at Woodland Cemetery in 
        Des Moines.   They had 13 children.

    33.     STEWARD Lemuel of Elk Creek, Erie Co, PA m Betsy ROUSE. Joseph (1829-1903) married 
        Emily C. Prescott (1835-1902). They lived in Elk Creek, Erie, PA.  Their children 
        known to me include: Joseph Marcus, (Feb. 1850-Nov. 1850); Elizabeth, (c.1854); Alice
        (s 1858); Harriet Elnora (b. 22 Jan 1861-21 Jan 1944, El Centro, (CA)m.John Charles 
        Stafford c. 1898, Erie, PA.  Ann Mitchell Horne, P.O. Box 3726, El Centro, 
        CA 92244-3726  

    34.     STEWARD Josiah of Elk Creek, Erie Co, PA m Hannah SWEET.

    35.     STEWARD Rebecca married Peter or Nathaniel CHURCH.

    36.     STEWARD Sarah married RODGERS Nathan.

    37.     STEWARD Deborah married ALLEN Benajah, Physician of Petersburgh.

    38.     STEWARD Eliphalet, born 21 Jan 1803 at Grafton, Rensselaer,
       NY.  STEWARD Eliphalet married      Rebecca.


    39.     STEWARD Polly (Mary), born 1 Apr 1816 at Bloomfield, Morrow,
       OH; died 30 May 1907. Polly married David BABCOCK; born 1793 at RI.
       Children: William Jesse, Ira A., & Charlotta Babcock. Ken McCarty

    40.     STEWARD Charlotte, born 4 Jun 1818 at Bloomfield, Morrow,
       OH; died 14 Oct 1856; buried at Stark, Delaware, OH.
            STEWARD Charlotte married VAN SICKLE Marcus  21 Mar 1843 at
       Porter Twp, Delaware Co, OH; born 1813 at NY.

    41.     STEWARD Ezra C., born 8 Dec 1820 at Bloomfield, Morrow, OH;
       died 26 Feb 1901; buried at Fargo M. E. Church, Morrow Co, OH.
       Ezra and Lavina Steward had 12 children according to the book
       written by Esther Powell on Delaware county.

            STEWARD Ezra C. married BARNHARD Lavina M.  (the daughter of
       BARNHARD Nehemiah and AUSTIN Mary)  15 Sep 1853.
    Researcher: Larry Steward

    42.     STEWARD Ruth, born 2 Sep 1823 at Bloomfield, Morrow, OH;
       died 28 Feb 1892; buried at Meigs, Wood, OH.
            STEWARD Ruth married VAN SICKLE Ira  21 Mar 1843 at Porter
       Twp, Delaware Co, OH; born 1821 at OH.

    43.     STEWARD Harvey, born 21 Feb 1828 at Bloomfield, Morrow, OH.
            STEWARD Harvey married ANDREWS Mary O.  15 Mar 1857 at
       Porter Twp, Delaware Co, OH; born 1837 at NJ.

    44.     STEWARD Emily M., born 1 Jun 1831 at Bennington Twp, Morrow,
       OH; died 6 Jul 1857 at Clinton Co, MI; buried Jul 1857 at Eureka
       Cem, Clinton Co, MI.

            STEWARD Emily M. married PAGE George Winfield  (the son of
       PAGE William A. and BROWN Sarah)  12 Jul 1849 at Porter Twp,
       Delaware Co, OH; born 27 Jun 1830 at Porter Twp, Delaware Co, OH;
       died 21 Oct 1862 at Jackson, Madison, TN.   George was also married
       to a Margaret Sutfin.  More information on this marriage can be
       found on the PAGE webpage.
            They had the following children:

            45     i PAGE Monroe, born 1851 in Delaware Co, OH; died
                          Oct 1874 in Clinton Co, MI of wounds received
                          in the Civil War2.
        +   46    ii PAGE George Winfield.
        +   47   iii PAGE Drusilla.
        +   48    iv PAGE Madora Emily.


    46.     PAGE George Winfield, born 11 Oct 1852 at Porter Twp,
       Delaware Co, OH.

            PAGE George Winfield married FRISE Mary J.  7 Jul 1874 at
       Eureka, Clinton Co, MI; born CA 1856 at London, MI.
            They had the following children:

        +   49     i PAGE Emily.
        +   50    ii PAGE Jinnie.

    47.     PAGE Drusilla, born 1855 at Duplain Twp, Clinton, MI.
        Drusilla married TAYLOR William Z. and they lived in Muskegon, 
        Newaygo, and Wayne Counties in Michigan.  
        They had the following children:

            51     i TAYLOR Ernest Douglas., born March 1879 in MI.
            52    ii TAYLOR Page E., born June 1881 in MI.  Was living in
			    in Wayne County, MI in the 1920 census. Listed
			    were Ola. M, Page E Jr, and Donald L. Taylor.
	    53   iii TAYLOR Izetta Irene, born July 1883 in MI
            54    iv TAYLOR Clara W., born April 1885 in MI
            55     v TAYLOR Helen E., born July 1887 in MI.
            56    vi TAYLOR Marguerite, born June 1895 in MI.

    48.     PAGE Madora Emily, born 6 Jun 1857 at Duplain Twp, Clinton,
       MI  (Census data, Estate Papers of George Page, Family info);
       died Feb 1928 at Old Walnut Ridge, Lawrence Co, AR  (Family info
       from Pearl Lawson Singleton & Virgil Brown); buried Feb 1928 at
       Kelley Cem, Black Rock, Lawrence, AR  (Family info from Pearl
       Lawson Singleton & Virgil Brown).
            PAGE Madora Emily married BROWN Parmer Sanford  (the son of
       BROWN and       Mrs.)  26 Feb 1873 at Ovid, Clinton, MI; born Abt
       1831 at Herkimer Co, NY; died 21 Sep 1895 at Headlee, White, IN;
       buried 22 Sep 1895 at Mt Pleasant Cem, Headlee, White, IN.
            They had the following children:

        +   57     i BROWN Bert William.
        +   58    ii BROWN Bruce Albert.
        +   59   iii BROWN Sanford Bud.
            60    iv BROWN Baby Girl. Died at birth.
        +   61     v BROWN Estella.
        +   62    vi BROWN Arthur McKinley.
            63   vii BROWN Nancy H. Died at 13 years.
            64  viii BROWN Lillie B. Died at four months.
        +   65    iv BROWN Joseph Alfred.
        +   66     x BROWN Parmer Grover.

            PAGE Madora Emily married TATE James Lee  Mar 1899 at
       Lawrence Co, AR; born 11 Jun 1836 at SC; died 28 Feb 1921 at
       Wagoner, OK; buried 2 Mar 1921 at Wagoner, OK.

1 Information gained from "History of Stonington, Connecticut", written 
  by Richard Wheeler, 1993 Reprint.  Also from the researchers listed above.
2 Information gained from estate papers of Monroe's father George W. Page
  which are on file at St. John Courthouse in Clinton Co, Michigan.
3 Information gained from deed of land sale where Sarah is listed as 
  Sarah S. Steward.

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