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Index to "The Descendants of Nathaniel and John McCarroll" by John R. McCarroll

The identity of Nathaniel and John McCarroll's parents has not been determined for certain, but it appears that their father was John McCarroll who died in Spartanbury County, NC on March 5, 1800. The will of this John did not contain the name of his wife but it showed three sons: Nathaniel, John, and Thomas; and two daughters: Genrot and Ruth. It also appears that this John was the son of Nathaniel McCarroll who died in Surry County, NC in 1779. His will shows a wife Elizabeth; two sons, Thomas and John; and one daughter, Mary.

Nathaniel McCarroll
was born in Surry County, NC on September 27, 1765, and died in Lawrence County, AR in early 1835. He was married in Spartenburg County, SC in the mid-1790s to Martha ( ) who was born in SC in about 1765. The notice of death in Lawrence County which appeared in the Ark. Gazette April 6, 1835, showed "Nathaniel McCarroll and his wife, both of advanced age, died recently."

It is not known just when our Nathaniel McCarroll moved from NC to SC, but he stated to the County Court of Independence County, Territory of AR on January 7, 1833, that in 1781 he was living in Spartanburg County, SC when he was called into service in the Revoluntary War. After the war ended he remained in Spartanburg County until 1807 when he moved his family to Caldwell County, KY. He remained in Caldwell County until 1815 when he later came to Lawrence County, AR.

The first Ark Tax List of 1819 to 1829 names Nathaniel McCarroll as a property owner. He settled on Cooper's Creek about two miles south of Smithville, Arkansasclash on what was later known as the J. N. Hillhouse place. He and his family were among the first settlers of the Strawberry River country. Nathaniel's farm was about three miles north of the famed "Old Taylor Mill" which was built on the Strawberry River about five miles south of Smithville. In January of 1833, Nathaniel appeared before the Independence County Court which approved his application for a Revoluntary War Pension. It is not known where Nathaniel and Martha McCarroll are buried, but it is believed that they are probably buried in the Hillhouse Cemetery which is located very near where their house was.

The stone at the left is the Revoluntary War Marker of Nathaniel. It is in the Old Bethel Cemetery at Denton, AR. Click on the URL above and read more about it.

John McCarroll was born in Surry County, NC in about 1770, and died in Lawrence County in Arkansas Territory between July 29, 1833, and the end of that year. He was married in Spartanburg County, SC in the early 1790s and had three young sons when his wife died in Spartenburg County or in Caldwell County, KY between 1800 and 1815. He was married again in Spartanburg County, NC or Caldwell Co, KY before 1817 to Nancy ( ), born in SC in 1793, and died in Lawrence County, Arkansas in the 1860s.

John and Nancy moved to Lawrence County, AR Territory between 1818 and 1820. They settled in the Spring River area of Lawrence County, north of where Nathaniel had settled a few years earlier. This part of Lawrence County later became Randolph County and their descendants live in that area to this date.

More information on this family can be found in "The Descendants of Nathaniel and John McCarroll" which was written by the late John Richard McCarroll of Waco, TX.  

Index to "The Descendants of Nathaniel and John McCarroll" by John R. McCarroll

Part I-- Nathaniel McCARROLL- (1765-1835) sp- Martha ______
            2-- Thomas McCARROLL sp. never married
            2-- James McCARROLL sp Mary BEASLEY (dau of James & Sarah Beasley SC)
                3-- George Washington McCARROLL  sp- Mary Ann R. THOMPSON sp- Nancy Ann MILLER
                3-- Sarah Ann McCARROLL- sp- David JOHNS sp- Jackson Henderson OLDHAM
                3-- Thomas McCARROLL J. Mitchell McCarroll  sp- Jane Balfour DEAN
                3-- Mary McCARROLL  sp-Thomas OLDHAM  sp-James N. DAVIS Lonnie W. Manning
                3-- Nancy J. McCARROLL   sp- Jeremiah BRADY
                3-- Zebedee B. McCARROLL Bill R. Jennings  sp- Mary Deliala MITCHELL STRICKLAND
                3-- James B. McCARROLL  sp- Mary OLDHAM  sp- Henrietta WEBB
                3-- Martha McCARROLL   sp- John DAVIS
                3-- John Rhea McCARROLL (1834-1892) sp-Elizabeth DAVIS sp-Ibbie M. COOPER sp-Emily RUTLEDGE
                3-- William.Henderson McCARROLL sp- Elizabeth R. McGHEE
                3-- Melissa J. McCARROLL  sp- Jackson Henderson OLDHAM
             2-- Elizabeth McCARROLL sp James A. Steadman
                3--John K. Steadman
                3--Margaret Steadman Williams
                3--Nathanial Steadman
                3--Mary Steadman Raney
                3--Elizabeth Steadman Raney
                3--Martha Steadman Wayland
                3--Thomas C. Steadman
                3--William Henry Steadman
            2-- John McCARROLL sp Ursula Gibson
                3--John McCarroll Jr.
            2-- Martha McCARROLL sp C. W. John Perkins   sp Thomas Sullivan   sp John Gooden
                3--Elizabeth Perkins Barr McNutt
                3--Joshua Perkins
                3--Mary J. Perkins McNutt
                3--James Perkins
                3--Cynthia E. Perkins Coleman
                3--Margaret Sullivan Sharp
                3--Henry Sullivan

Part II-- John M. McCARROLL sp unknown  sp Nancy ___    
            2-- William McCARROLL sp unknown 
            2-- Nathaniel W. McCARROLL sp Sally ____ sp Mahala Murphy
                3--Martha McCarroll Ross
                3--John McCarrroll
                3--James McCarroll
            2-- John M. McCARROLL  sp Miss Wayland dau of Henry B. Wayland Sr.
                3--Ellison McCarroll
                3--Margaret McCarroll
                3--John Thomas McCarroll
            2-- James McCARROLL sp Rebecca Forrester
                3--William Franklin McCarroll
                3--Andrew Jackson McCarroll
                3--John McCarroll
                3--Margaret P. Jane McCarroll McLaughlin
                3--James H. McCarroll
                3--Charles Absolom McCarroll
            2-- Martha McCARROLL sp Zachariah Green Moore
                3--Sally L. Moore
                3--Jane M.E. Moore
                3--Margaret N.A. Moore
                3--Zacry T. Moore
                3--Jonathan H. Moore
            2-- Meriah McCARROLL sp David W Cravins

                3--Henry C. Cravins
                3--Mariah Amanda Cravins
                3--James David Cravins
                3--Nancy Cravins
                3--Mary Cravins
                3--Margaret Cravins
            2-- Jane McCARROLL sp Peter W. Smith

                3--Nancy M. Smith
                3--James Smith
                3--Margaret Smith
                3--Zachariah Smith
            2-- Esther McCARROLL sp unknown

            2-- Margaret McCARROLL sp unknown

This letter was sent out to those who purchased the book:

To Friends and Family,

John R. McCarroll, author of the family_history of Nathaniel McCarroll and descendants, died on May 15, 1993, following heart_bypass_ surgery. Due to his death, the revision of the family_history with all of the changes you have been providing is indefinitely on hold.

We hope you will continue to send updated information on your family so that we may soon be able to continue with John's work. You may continue to send your information to:

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