Hans Eisenhauer Family

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    1.     EISENHAUER Hans, born Abt 1600 at Germany.
       EISENHAUER Hans married (Name not known).
           They had the following children:

       +    2     i EISENHAUER Hans Peter F.


    2.     EISENHAUER Hans Peter F, born Abt 1650 at Heddescback,
      Germany; died 28 Feb 1729 at Karlsbrunn, Saar, Germany.
           EISENHAUER Hans Peter F married MILDENBERGER Anna Catharina
      Abt 1672 at Germany.
           They had the following children:

       +    3     i EISENHAUER Hans Nicholas.


    3.     EISENHAUER Hans Nicholas, born Abt 1695 at Darmstadt,
      Germany; died Abt 1759 at PA.
           EISENHAUER Hans Nicholas married STRUBBLE Anna Margaretha;
      born at Germany; died at PA.
           They had the following children:

       +    4     i EISENHOWER John Peter.


    4.     EISENHOWER John Peter, born Abt 1716 at Germany; died 10 Jun
      1801 at L Paxton Twp, DC, PA.  He married GRAFF Elizabeth Ann (the
      daughter of GRAFF Hans ) Abt 1744; born Abt 1720 at Germany; died
      Abt 1764 at PA.
           They had the following children:

       +    5     i EISENHOWER Peter.  George Alan Ulch
       +    6    ii EISENHOWER Maria Barbara.
       +    7   iii EISENHOWER Hans Nicholas.  Michael Brown
       +    8    iv EISENHOWER George Michael.
            9     v EISENHOWER John Frederick.
           10    vi EISENHOWER Maria Magdalena.
           11   vii EISENHOWER Anna Maria.
           12  viii EISENHOWER Samuel.

       Peter was again married to Maria Elizabeth Schmidt. There child:

           13    ix EISENHOWER John.

       Peter was again married to Ann Dissinger.  There children:

           14     x EISENHOWER John Jacob.  Marinyn Mease 
           15    xi EISENHOWER Catherine.
           16   xii EISENHOWER Ann.
           17  xiii EISENHOWER Christine.
           18   xiv EISENHOWER Barbara.
           19    xv EISENHOWER Margaret.
           20   xvi EISENHOWER John Peter.
       +   21  xvii EISENHOWER Frederick.


    5.     EISENHOWER Peter, born 6 Sep 1745 at Swatara Twp, Lebanon
      Co, PA; died Abt 1790.  Married Anna Maria Fisher.

      Researcher for this branch: George Alan Ulch
      Peter Eisenhour/Anna Margaret Early
        Thomas Eisenhour/Jane Weston
          Isaac Alexander Eisenhour/Sarah Lay
            Mary Alice Eisenhour/William Harmon Moellman
              Metta Rosella Moellman/George Franklin Ulch
                Harold Walter Ulch/Bozeca Elizabeth Petronovich
                  George Alan Ulch/Alice Ann Deegan  

    6.     EISENHOWER Maria Barbara, born 22 Aug 1747 at Swatara Twp,
      Lebanon Co, PA. Married Christain MICHAEL.

    7.     EISENHOWER Hans Nicholas, born 6 May 1749 at Swatara Twp,
      Lebanon Co, PA; died Abt 1802.

      Source:  American Presidential Families, by Hugh Brogan & Charles
      Mosley, MacMillon Pub. Co. NY  1993.

      Baptism: Rev. Stoever, sponsors John Nicolaus Eisenhauer and wife.

           EISENHOWER Hans Nicholas married MIERS Mary  (the daughter
      of MIERS Michael )  19 Apr 1773 at Rowan Co, NC; born Abt 1752 at
      PA; died 9 Aug 1832 at Gold Hill, Rowan, NC.
           They had the following children:

           22     i EISENHOWER John, born Abt 1713 at Germany.
       +   23    ii EISENHOWER George Michael. Michael Brown
           24   iii EISENHOWER Martin, born Abt 1725 at Germany; died
                    Abt 1760 at NC. 
           Researchers for Martin Line:
                    Trudy Meyers
                    Gary L. Icenhour

           25    iv EISENHOWER Johannes, born 24 Jun 1727 at Germany;
                    buried at St. John's Lutheran Church, Fredericksbury,
           26     v EISENHOWER Maria Magdalena, born Abt 1735 at
                    Germany.	Married Michael Fisher on 3 Mar 1757 and
		    lived in Rowan Co, NC.  Son John Michael Fisher.

    8.     EISENHOWER George Michael, born 4 Aug 1751 at Swatara Twp,
      Lebanon Co, PA; died Abt 1851 at PA.
      Married Catherine (  ) 1772 at Jonestown, Lebanon Co, PA

           EISENHOWER George Michael married      Cartherine.

   21.     EISENHOWER Frederick, born 15 Jul 1794; died 13 Mar 1884.
      EISENHOWER Frederick married MILLER Barbara; born 27 Jan
      1789; died 1 Jan 1862.
           They had the following children:

           27     i EISENHOWER Polly.
           28    ii EISENHOWER Anna.
           29   iii EISENHOWER John David.
           30    iv EISENHOWER Catherine.
       +   31     v EISENHOWER Jacob Frederick.
           32    vi EISENHOWER Samuel Peter.


   23.     EISENHOWER George Michael, died Abt 1843.
       EISENHOWER George Michael married EAGLE Barbara.
           They had the following children:

       +   33     i EISENHOWER Anna Maria. Michael Brown

   31.     EISENHOWER Jacob Frederick.
       EISENHOWER Jacob Frederick married MATTER Margaret Rebecca.
           They had the following children:

           34     i EISENHOWER John H..
           35    ii EISENHOWER Mary Ann.
           36   iii EISENHOWER Catharine Ann.
           37    iv EISENHOWER Jacob F..
           38     v EISENHOWER Samuel F..
           39    vi EISENHOWER Susanna.
           40   vii EISENHOWER Peter A..
           41  viii EISENHOWER Lydia A..
           42    ix EISENHOWER Emma Jane.
           43     x EISENHOWER Hanna Amanda.
       +   44    xi EISENHOWER David Jacob.
           45   xii EISENHOWER Abraham Lincoln.
           46  xiii EISENHOWER Ira.
           47   xiv EISENHOWER Clinton.


   33.     EISENHOWER Anna Maria, born 7 Apr 1800 at NC; died 24 Apr
      1846 at Rowan Co, NC.
           EISENHOWER Anna Maria married KETNER Dawalt  (the son of
      KETNER George Michael II and        Nancy)  17 Jan 1819 at
      Cabarrus Co, NC; born 29 Apr 1788 at NC; died 7 Oct 1853 at Rowan
      Co, NC; buried at Organ Lutheran Church, Rowan Co, NC.
           They had the following children:

           48     i KETNER George Michael III, born 26 Nov 1820; died
                    24 Apr 1899.
       +   49    ii KETNER David Daniel. Michael Brown
           50   iii KETNER Anna Louise, born 28 Sep 1822; died Abt
                    1845; buried 13 Jun 1845.
           51    iv KETNER John, born 13 Aug 1828 at NC.
           52     v KETNER Barbara Maria, born 1 Feb 1831 at NC; died
                    11 Oct 1852.
           53    vi KETNER Susana C., born 14 Nov 1833 at NC; died 13
                    Mar 1918 at Rowan Co, NC.
           54   vii KETNER David, born 23 Oct 1836.
           55  viii KETNER Margaret, born 23 Jun 1841 at NC; died 4 Jan
                    1912 at NC.

   44.     EISENHOWER David Jacob born 23-Sep-1863 in PA died 10-Mar-1842
           in Dickinson Co, KS.  EISENHOWER David Jacob married STOOVER
           Ida Elizabeth on 23-Sep-1885 in: Lecompton, KS.  She was a 
	   Simon P. STOVER and Elizabeth Ida LINK.   Ida was born on  
           1-May-1862 in Mt. Sidney, VA and died 11-Sep-1946 in Dickinson
           Co, KS 
           They had the following children:

           56     i EISENHOWER Arthur Bradford.
           57    ii EISENHOWER Edgar Newton.
       +   58   iii EISENHOWER Dwight David.
           59    iv EISENHOWER Roy J..
           60     v EISENHOWER Paul A..
           61    vi EISENHOWER Earl Dewey.
           62   vii EISENHOWER Milton Stover.


   49.     KETNER Daniel, born 26 Nov 1825 at NC; died 12 Oct 1902 at
      Lebanon Cem, Eaton, AR.
      Daniel Ketner was in Company G, 38th Ark Inf; Pvt/Pvt.   His name
      appeared on the P.O.W. list of June 8, 1865 being paroled at
      Shreveport, LA.

           KETNER Daniel married BOUR Catherine Amanda born 1835 at NC;
      died 12 Mar 1898 at Clover Bend, AR; buried at Clover Bend Cem,
      Clover Bend, AR.
           They had the following children:

       +   63     i KETNER George Henry.
           64    ii KETNER John Daniel, born Abt 1855 at IL.
       +   65   iii KETNER Jesse Alex.
       +   66    iv KETNER Sarah Mahala m Henry Clay OLDHAM.
       +   67     v KETNER Jenima Jane.
       +   68    vi KETNER Margaret C..
       +   69   vii KETNER Catherine Amanda.

           KETNER Daniel married WILLIAMS Sophia  24 Mar 1876 at
      Lawrence Co, AR; divorced 19 Feb 1881 at Lawrence Co, AR.

           KETNER Daniel married LAWSON Mary J.  14 Dec 1882 at
      Lawrence Co, AR; born 1839 at TN; died 12 Oct 1902 at AR; buried
      1902 at Lebanon Cem, Eaton, AR.
           They had the following children:

           70     i KETNER Nettie.

   58.     EISENHOWER Dwight David, born 14 Oct 1890 at Denison, TX;
      died 28 Mar 1969 at Washington, DC. (President of the United States)
      EISENHOWER Dwight David married DOUD Marie Geneva 1 Jul 1916 at 
      Denver, CO; born 14 Nov 1896 at Boone, IA.
           They had the following children:

           71     i EISENHOWER Doug David, born 24 Sep 1917 at Denver,
                    CO; died 2 Jan 1921 at Camp Meade, MD.
       +   72    ii EISENHOWER John Sheldon Doud.


   72.     EISENHOWER John Sheldon Doud, born 3 Aug 1922 at Denver, CO.
      EISENHOWER John Sheldon Doud married THOMPSON Barbara Jean
      10 Jun 1947 at VA; born 15 Jun 1926 at Ft. Knox, KY.
           They had the following children:

           82     i EISENHOWER Susan Elaine, born 31 Dec 1951 at Ft.
                    Knox, KY.
           83    ii EISENHOWER Mary Jean, born 21 Dec 1955 at
                    Washington, DC.

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